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About Us

In our little corner of paradise in Tulum, Mexico, we at BÄAK have created a sanctuary of wondrous culture and connection; a rich history and magic. With an intimate team of young thought leaders and change makers, we set foot on this path with the intention of creating a conscious business filled with life changing experiences, natural luxury, and deep connection with friends and family.

We at BÄAK will guide you through your foreign investments and assist in getting the best return on investment possible.

Our Mission

At BÄAK, our mission is to make both travel and management as seamless, hands free, and luxurious as possible. Since the birth of our company, we have worked to revolutionize the travel industry by allowing our rental property owners to effortlessly share their space with prospective travelers, while curating a once in a lifetime experience for those very jet setters.

Our Vision

Our vision at BÄAK is to create a world where people can have the most wonderful travel experiences and property owners can rent their space in a safe, hands free way. Our dream is to recreate the travel industry to make adventure, rental, and luxury real estate a click away.

Our Team

Born in New York, with a strong local team in Tulum, Mexico – we came together to fit your needs, dreams, and desires for vacation rental and property management. We are visionaries for a future of simplified vacation and rental experience. We will be with you every step of the way, as you open up your home for future jet setters.

Our Founder

Joanna Schweers is an Argentinian American living in New York City for the past decade. Joanna’s journey began in the luxury hospitality industry where she worked for fifteen years. Working with world renowned brands like the LVMH corporation to the prestige of the polo industry, her heart has always been with her passion for traveling the globe, hosting people from all walks of life, and creating experiences that will be passed down as stories for generations to come. Joanna’s love, specifically for Tulum, birthed the passion project that is now leading the frontier of luxury vacation rentals – BÄAK.


+30 Years Experience

32 Acommodations

Starting @$105/Night